The benefits of detoxication programs have been embraced for years. One of the most effective is the Ionic Foot Bath Detox. The technology behind this treatment involves a low current and low voltage signal that is sent through a special waterproof electrical array in the bottom of a foot bath. The current creates an ionization and produces negative ions in a process known as electrolysis that eliminates toxins from heavy metals and other contaminants from the body.

As a result, these foot baths detoxify your system and unlock the normally natural free-flowing energy throughout your system. These toxins can aggravate a number of physical conditions. Each 40-minute session will leave you relaxed and on the path to better health.

What you can expect from an ionic foot bath detox

The foot bath is a mixture of warm water and specialized salt that serves to promote the electrolysis process. You will place your feet in the water, and the low voltage current will begin to move through the water. You might feel a slight tingling sensation and you might even doze off.

The ionically charged water will act as a magnet to toxins you might be carrying in your body. The process takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes, and the water will turn very dark depending on the amount of toxins in your body.

What conditions can be treated with an ionic foot bath detox?

  • Joint Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Allergies
  • Weakened Immune System
  • Parasites
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Poor Circulation
  • Attention Deficit Disorders

Recovery Stories

Frequently asked questions

If you detox too quickly, you may be left with flu-like symptoms. It is best to follow the recommended detoxification schedule which includes taking breaks from them at regular intervals.

It is recommended that during the first two to four weeks, you do them at least 3 times a week. After that, you should take a break of at least a week if not two before beginning maintenance sessions of one to two times a week. This schedule differs from patient to patient.

Negative ions are important because they have antioxidant qualities. They can attract toxins and pull them from your body.

You will get your best results if you hydrate frequently. Water by itself does have detoxification properties and can purge some degree of chemicals from your body. The levels of hydration at the time of the treatments should be elevated for the very best results.