TMJ Pain

Dr. Hart is highly trained in TMJ pain treatment and evaluation. Did you know that about one third of all neck pain has TMJ as a root cause! Most TMJ pain can be treated effectively here at Alternative Health Clinic. Occasionally, some cases may require being fitted by a dentist for a bite guard or other interventions.

What exactly happens in a TMJ pain treatment? TMJ pain can not be resolved without effective treatment of the jaw. So we begin by:

  • addressing key muscle imbalances in the jaw and cervical spine (neck area)
  • educating YOU the patient as to what caused this
  • sending you home with specific exercises

As far as specific treatment methods we use the following in TMJ pain treatment:

  • myofascial release of the muscles through A.R.T (active release technique) 
  • Graston (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) 
  • rehabilitative exercises

What exactly is TMJ ? TMJ simply stands for Temporomandibular Joint. Problems here are most correctly referred to as TMD or Temporomandibular Dysfunction, but "TMJ" is the term commonly used to describe these issues. It is the joint between your jawbone and your skull. You may refer to it is that, "clicking of the jaw", or that "pain or pop when I open my mouth wide".

How did I get TMJ? When you visit Alternative Health Clinic we will assess your lifestyle and can most likely identify the activities that bring on the condition. Often the lifestyle activities associated with TMJ are "clinching" during the day and "grinding" at night.

What can I do for TMJ at home? There is a TMJ Relief Position our patients practice at home. First, find some stickers and place them on the objects that you see and use the most (computer, TV remote, cell phone, etc.). These stickers are your reminder to use relax position. What is the TMJ relax position? It is a threefold position that will hopefully become a part of your life: 

  • Close your mouth
  • Place your teeth slightly apart
  • Set your tongue to touch the roof of your mouth

Keep this awareness. It assists in avoiding the "clinching" which facilitates TMJ pain.