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Total Wellness

A TOTAL Wellness Success Story

I was a patient of Dr. Hart's from January of 2009 to July 2010, at which point my family relocated to Greensboro, NC. I have continued my Nutritional care with Dr. Hart long distance, but recently continued my chiropractic care in Greensboro where periodic test/thermal scans are taken on patients to track their progress and
help diagnosis problematic areas.

One test in particular is called a HRB Frequency Domain Analysis -- Autonomic Activity Diagram where a patient's "Energy" and "Balance" are measured. This test also will help a patient to see how his/her body deals with stress. This past December my "Energy" rating was 105% and "Balance" was 100% on this test. My new Chiropractor was impressed and told me that only
one other patient of his had ever been rated so high and she was a professional volleyball
player. I am a stay-at-home Mom.

This fabulous report is in no-doubt contributed to a combination of Dr. Hart's Chiropractic and Nutritional care and my perseverance in following a diet, taking supplements and performing exercises all recommended by Dr. Hart.

Dr. Hart offers a total wellness plan that can
help people who are willing to follow her
advice, be consistent and persevere through the process.

Thank you, Dr. Hart, for your dedication to your patients and their wellness. We appreciate you!

  • Yvonne Kroenke