Alternative Health Clinic, PC

Knee Pain


I came to Dr. Hart a few weeks ago as a runner who always dealt with knee pain. I was adjusted to the fact that running so many miles came with pain and I just needed to learn how to deal with such pain. Dr. Hart informed me otherwise.

She said that knee pain or any pain for that
matter should not be embraced but rather
eliminated and one should not have to simply “deal” with pain.

Dr. Hart was able to identify and correct not
only my knee pain but educate me on what was really happening with me from head to toe. The kind of knee pain I was dealing with came from many alignment issues and while correcting above and below the knee, she was able to resolve my knee pain.

I had almost given up on running until I came in to see Dr. Hart. Now, I run free and though I still see her for further correction and strengthening, I can already tell I made leaps and bounds progress from where I was when I first walked through the door.

D. Sheffield