Alternative Health Clinic, PC
Boulder, CO



I have suffered from migraine headaches all my life, with certain times being worse than
others. I am a stubborn person who likes to
think I take good care of myself. I had begun to feel very helpless when my headaches increased in frequency and my quality of life and ability to go about my day was being taken away from me!

I sought out a doctor with different
qualifications than western MDs as they had put me on triptan medicine that didn't work and had very dirty side effects. The doctors wanted to put me on a daily preventative medicine when they couldn't even find anything that actually worked! This was not an option for me, and my search led me to Dr. Hart. Within 24 hours of my first visit she had brought me back to life in all sincerity! She is an angel to me and I thank
her for her professionalism along with her
knowledge of her trade!

F. Hanley