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Multi-Symptom Success Story (Nerve Pain, Pins & Needles All Over Body, Candida, Black Mold Exposure, Nasal Congestion, Hormonal Issues, Lymphodema, Breast Cancer Survivor)

After moving back to Colorado from Maine in early March 2011, I was experiencing diverse physical symptoms that were quite extreme (and a bit frightening). After many years of fatigue, unexplained skin itching (no rash), nasal congestion (I thought was just "normal"), various body aches (despite numerous diets, special programs, consistent daily exercise), and increasing hormonal issues (I am now 52), I just didn't feel well.

In early 2009, I was diagnosed with breast
cancer. Undergoing treatment in Maine, I had several excellent docs and practitioners who helped me through two surgeries, radiation, and the often under-estimated effects Lymphedema that resulted from the radiation. However, by the time my husband and I made cross-country move back to Colorado, I felt I was crashing--low energy returned, and I experienced a frustrating increase in old symptoms again and
some new ones.

Just one-week after our return, I had crazy pins and needles all over my body (especially in my hands and feet) which were continuing for more than 2 weeks. I quickly scheduled an appointment with a conventional doctor with a good reputation. She unfortunately did not know what
was going on, scheduled a brain MRI, and then sent me to a neurologist who also did not know. I had scared myself by reading a lot about MS online, but the neurologist felt certain MS was the cause.

I decided to take matters more into my own hands and searched online for someone who did applied kinesiology. As a Life Coach and group facilitator, I work with women who value--as I do--cutting-edge information about holistic health and wellness. So I try to locate both the best conventional and alternative practitioners available, and then pass along these resources. Finding Dr. Hart's website, I felt drawn to make
an appointment (something about her site
instilled faith in me even then!). I cannot
express how fortunate I feel to have done so.

After an extremely thorough first appointment, Dr. Hart discovered a fairly severe mold allergy--and I had no doubt she was right. I had been exposed to a substantial black mold problem
in my Maine office, and also found black mold (from summer perspiration?) on our Sleep Number bed's canvas "bladder" when we removed what we thought was the protective cover materials. Yet I had no idea how much all that was affecting my health--the fatigue, the itching, and my whole immune system! Needless to say, that condition wasn't good--especially for someone who's already had a cancer.

After 5 months, some really high-quality
vitamins, and several supplements for mold and hormonal imbalances, I now have very few of the symptoms I had earlier. Dr. Hart's knowledge base is vast; this--coupled with her compassion and incredible determination to get me and others well again--is why I respect her and
value her work tremendously. Best of all, she's helped renew not only my energy but my belief in my ability to heal and enjoy life fully again.

Thank you, Dr. Hart!

M. Scott